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Instagram Updates for Wineries (November 2020)

Hello Wine Friends! We've been a little quiet recently because we are launching some fun and exciting things on Lunabean Media in the next month - but with some pretty big changes happening on Instagram [...]

The Case for Wine Discounts

At Lunabean Media we have clients across the US and even on the other side of the globe (hello Australia). We work with many on an individual level, and, quite often, on a [...]

Referrals Got You Down? Let Us Fix That For You.

Have you noticed a dip in your Google Analytics referrals?  Are websites that were once bringing you traffic seemingly no longer bringing you traffic, even though there have been no noticable changes? [...]

ADA Compliance for Winery Websites

What You Will Learn in This 25 Minute Webinar Why you want your website to be ADA compliant. Why ADA compliance is difficult to achieve. The kind of ADA compliance services to avoid [...]

Upcoming Webinar: Instagram Stories for Wineries

You love Instagram, but are you using Instagram Stories? What about Story Highlights? Jeremy will show you some next-level thinking and examples of how wineries are using Stories to promote and sell events, get more [...]

Is Your Tasting Room Staff Too Aggressive

We came across the following conversation about tasting room experiences on Facebook yesterday, in a private group called "Wine DTC Geeks".  We found it fascinating, and in line with many of our own concerns, and [...]

Instagram Stories for Wineries

Harvest is here (for most), which means exciting things are happening around the winery at all times - making this the PERFECT time to play with Instagram's newest feature, Instagram Stories.  What are Instagram Stories? [...]

Fuzzy Images? Let’s Fix That.

Have you checked your website or e-mails recently and noticed that some of your images - images that once looked beautiful and crisp - now look not so great? Bottleshots look blurry? Logos look foggy? [...]

Facebook’s local ads are fantastic for wineries

If you follow any news coming out of the social media world, you've probably heard that Facebook launched a "Call Now" button this week. And, while it's a pretty slick little button for many businesses [...]

Why Wineries Should Avoid Image-Only E-Mails

We have been noticing a trend over the past few months of wineries wanting to improve upon the look of their e-mails. We love this. After all, a smartly designed and well crafted newsletter can [...]

How Google is Punishing (or Rewarding) Your Winery

Have you done any Google searches on your mobile-device lately? Chances are, the answer is yes, which means you've seen the new "Mobile-friendly" designation next to mobile-friendly websites: The implications of this new search engine [...]

Why Your Winery Can Stop Worrying About SEO

You work at a winery, which means you have people promoting their SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) services to you a half-dozen times per month -- if not more. They promise [...]

Your Winery’s Digital Marketing Reset Button

In most of our e-mails, blog posts, and webinars we talk about digital marketing tools -- social media, website, e-mail, or smartphone apps -- the tools we use to promote our clients online. And the reason we [...]

The Myth of ‘Above the Fold’ in Web Design

Oddly enough, we have had three clients this week ask us about "above the fold" when it comes to web design. Their concern is that visitors to their websites (designed by various design firms -- [...]