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Certified at the highest levels for winery website design and development at WineDirect, Commerce7, and more.

Winery Website Design

What you get with LMO winery websites

  • 20+ years of wine-specific web design expertise
  • 20+ years of wine marketing expertise
  • Beautiful & smart design
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • eCommerce integration (Certified WineDirect & Commerce7, plus more)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Lightning fast speed
  • The latest in digital tracking tools
  • Affordable design options (including templates)
  • Custom design options
  • Extended IT support
Gargantua Website

Recent Winery Websites

We’ve been designing winery websites since 1999. What began as a side hustle soon became a full-time job, then a wine marketing agency. But it all started with winery website design. Over the years, we’ve designed over 300 winery websites. Here are a few of our most recent.

Saffron Fields Vineyard

Saffron Fields Vineyards

Wordpress + Commerce7

Appassionata Estate

Appassionata Winery

Wordpress + Orderport


WordPress + VinSuite

Chehalem Mountains AVA

Silver Thread Vineyards

Wordpress + Orderport + VinoShipper

Chehalem Mountains AVA

Chehalem Mountains AVA


Crowley Wines


Wordpress + Commerce7

DeLille Winery Website



Beaux Freres Website

Adobe Road

Wordpress + WineDirect


SquareSpace + VinSuite

Durant Oregon

WordPress + WineDirect

R. Stuart & Co.

WordPress + Commerce7

Dion Vineyards

Wordpress + Orderport


WordPress + WineDirect


WordPress + Commerce7

Boundary Breaks

WordPress + Commerce7

Bethel Heights

WordPress + OrderPort

Brick House

WordPress + Commerce7

Hope Well


These Look Great!

The LMO Winery Website Design Process

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We begin every new relationship by listening.  Our team wants to hear your DTC goals – both online and offline.

We want to know your story.

We want to learn about your customers, your wine clubs, and your events.

We want to know about your current systems (eCommerce, calendars, reservations, etc), and if they are meeting your needs.

We want to know about websites you like, and websites you don’t like.

And, of course, we want learn about you.  What is your story? What makes your brand unique? What do you want your website to express to visitors immediately upon arrival?

We put the listening session and our years of experience to work, and we talk to you about the kind of website we think will work best to accomplish your goals, tell your story, and attract your ideal buyer.

If you need advice on a new eCommerce/POS vendor, we will tell you who we think will be your best match, as we are deeply familiar with many (that said, we don’t play favorites with wine eCommerce systems – we work for you, not them).

Once we’ve all decided on platforms, we’ll talk framework and page structure.

Before we start getting our hands dirty with the design, we map out your website and organize your brand collateral – logos, graphics, fonts, copy, tasting notes, press, bottle shots, copy, photography – you name it.  Our goal is to give you a framework for your new website, along with a thoughtful path for the consumer using your website. We also want to identify places where there may be holes in terms of content or photography that can be addressed before we build, instead of waiting for those holes to be filled once the design process is complete.

With photos and copy ready to go, we will begin the winery website design building process.  Typically we begin by working on a homepage design, along with a couple of subpages, and a wine detail page.  Once we get design approval on these pages, we will begin work building out the rest of the site with the new design. When we have all pages built out, we will submit to you for review, then make final changes, as requested.

Once our team has deemed the website “complete”, we will invite your team to test it.  Better yet, we will invite your team to invite people to test it (select wine club members have been known to love this part).

What we are really looking for in this process is we are looking for here are usability issues. Did something confuse your users? Did they go to the page we wanted them to visit when they were done reading copy? Was the font easy to read? Are there any friction points in the checkout process that we can address?

We will take feedback from this testing and make adjustments, if necessary.

Once all of the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed, we will launch your new site into its spot in the world wide web.

If your website has a WordPress element to it (most do, unless they are straight WineDirect), we insist on helping you maintain it with our IT services, as we want to make sure your website stays healthy and secure.

We will keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date and install security updates as they roll out.  If your staff is making updates to the website, we will also check in monthly to make sure these changes keep with the integrity of the site – we want sites to stay fast, SEO-smart, and user-friendly. We roll all of this into our website hosting fees.

Additionally, we can continue to work with you, updating your website and store (instead of your staff), studying the your website’s usage via heatmaps and analytics to see how we can adjust on the fly, making your website the reactive and robust online sales tool that we build wine websites to be.

Sit back and relax. You have a beautiful new high-end website that’s selling your wine, and is being maintained – affordably – by a team of experts. Enjoy.

Please note, all steps might not apply to your winery. Some clients come to us knowing exactly what design they want. Others want us to wholly create it for them. We are more than happy to lead the design process (steps above), to follow a design already created by your team, or to work collaboratively. We are flexible!

Let’s Work Together.

Wine eCommerce Platforms We Love

We looooove a good winery eCommerce platform. Here are a few of our favorites.

Commerce 7 Logo
Wine Direct Logo
VinSuite Logo
Commerce 7 Logo
Commerce 7 Logo
Bloom Logo

We also very much enjoy these non-winery-specific platforms.

SquareSpace Logo
Shopify Logo
Wordpress for Wineries
WooCommerce Logo
Let’s Work Together.

What Makes LMO Websites Different?

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At LMO we are more than winery website designers. We are wine marketers who understand that your website is one part of your winery’s digital ecosystem.  We understand how it has to connect to users (consumers and trade), how it needs to connect to your winery (you, your staff, and your POS), and we understand how it needs to potentially connect to a larger marketing effort (on or offline), as we are the people often hired to manage those larger wine marketing efforts.

With every website we build, you get our 20 years of full-picture wine marketing experience built into every page we create.

While we believe a beautiful website that shows off your winery is essential to the online wine buying experience, we also believe that what the wine buyer doesn’t see is equally important. This is why our websites aren’t just beautiful – they smart, cleanly coded, fast, optimized websites that aren’t weighed down with unnecessary plugins or tools.

We do this because we know speedy, error-free, mobile-first-designed websites are the websites Google – and wine buyers – love the most.  The payoff for these smartly coded sites is a higher search ranking and more wine sales.

Have a great drone video? Great! We will definitely use it, but we won’t recommend putting it on the homepage of your website. (Notice big retailers never have videos on their homepage? There’s a reason for that.) Want to use an events calendar? Fab. We’ll use the cleanest one out there that speaks directly to Google. Want an image-driven website? Love it! We will be sure to use properly optimized photos with the right web extensions to ensure the page still loads quickly.

It’s this kind of design – the kind you don’t see –  that makes LMO websites powerful sales tools for your winery.

LMO has been building wine-specific websites for 20 years – before there were wine-specific eCommerce systems. In fact, our agency has grown alongside these specialized eCommerce systems, which is why we know them all so well.

This means we can easily navigate and design using any eCommerce system, help you with winery-side eCommerce set-up, and talk through any questions you may have about each eCommerce system. We will also make sure you are taking full advantage of the tools any winery eCommerce system has to offer – and, make sure you aren’t paying for any tools you don’t need.

At LMO we work with a number of different vendors. We even have preferred vendors. That said, we wholly reject “partnership” offers where it’s expected that we recommend services in exchange for our services being recommended. We’ve seen this play out, and the winery rarely wins. Every winery is different. Their needs – eCommerce, graphic design, big data tracking, videography – are different and depend on many factors. At LMO, we commit to partnering with our clients  – to whom we will always match with the vendor who best meets their needs – not the one that throws us the most work.

We like creating high-converting websites, which is one reason why we build websites where each page has purpose, and every customer journey is guided. We like to think of it as providing a little tour guide for each and every customer who visits.

On most winery websites, you’ll typically just see photos and text on every page. This leaves the user with only the navigation menu to help them decide where they want to go next. Instead, we map out the path we want them to take, for the result we want them to have (wine club sign up, online purchase, tasting reservation, etc), and lead them there through a series of links and buttons.

When a user is guided to a conversion, they are less distracted, less overwhelmed, and more likely to purchase. It really is that simple.

Yes! Let’s Do This!

Unmatched winery website design expertise

Lunabean Media Online was founded in 1999, at a time when the digital world was just introducing itself to the wine world.  Our founders, Jeremy and Allison Schubert, were deeply familiar with both worlds, as they were already running a successful online business (Lunabean Video Game Strategy Guides), while simultaneously working at Allison’s family’s winery (Panther Creek Cellars).

In 1999, Allison and Jeremy brought that winery into the digital world with one of the Willamette Valley’s first winery websites. In doing so, they witnessed an entirely new sales channel open up for all wineries . Since that time, Jeremy and Allison have developed hundreds of websites and digital marketing plans for wineries around the world. They have become leading experts in the field, and are certified at the highest levels of design and development by WineDirect, Commerce7, and more.

As an LMO client, you will benefit from Jeremy’s and Allison’s years of building winery websites and studying how consumers transition from visitor to buyer to wine club member. You will benefit from the team of designers they’ve put together to beautifully represent your brand. You will benefit from their their years of experience with winery eCommerce systems – a level of experience unmatched by anyone in the industry.  And you will benefit from having a team who loves the wine industry – not because they love wine, but because they understand the passion of the people behind it, and want those people to be as successful as they possibly can.


Beaux Freres Website

You Have a Website, Now What?

A smart and user-friendly website is an essential part of any winery’s digital marketing strategy – but it shouldn’t be the entire strategy. Here are some of our ongoing services that will help drive people to your website so you can sell more wine.

Email Marketing

Digital Advertising

Wine Marketing Strategy

Wine Marketing Consulting

Let’s Make Things Happen

Get your winery on the path to increased DTC sales with a plan you can follow and a powerful digital ecosystem to back it up.

“Working with Jeremy and the Lunabean team has been a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience, right from the start. They are more than service providers. They are collaborators and valued members of the Yao Family Wines team. Jeremy has gone above and beyond the call of duty time and time again, and helped our brand navigate through the ever changing world of wine marketing. We’re thrilled to call them our partners.”

Bill Sanders

Yao Family Wines

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