Wine Marketing Strategy and Planning

Wine Marketing Strategy

Our team will create a plan for your winery that will dramatically increase wine DTC sales, boost wine club memberships, and get more visitors into your tasting room.

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Give Us Your Winery’s Problem, and We’ll Solve It

There’s nothing we love more than solving a winery’s problem and watching them enjoy more sales.  And, because we’ve worked with so many wineries for so many years, it typically doesn’t take us long to be able to pinpoint the issue and help them fix it.

Here are a few of our favorite winery issues to solve:

  • Growing Wine Club

  • Establishing New Wine Clubs / Subscriptions

  • Lowering Wine Club Attrition Rates

  • Establishing A Younger Customer Base

  • Increasing Online Sales

  • Get More Attention on Social Media

  • Increasing Wine Brand Awareness

  • Improving Brand Reputation

  • Increasing Tasting Room Traffic

  • Establishing Strategy and Protocols

  • Selling Out Wine Events

  • Successful Wine / Brand Launches

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Wine Marketing Strategy FAQs

Please click each Q to see the A.

A. We have been managing (and executing) the digital marketing initiatives of wineries – large and small – since 1999. Jeremy Schubert, LMO co-founder, has also traveled the country, speaking at some of the most highly regarding wine marketing events. He has also been invited by winery associations to come in and help their membership with their wine marketing challenges. Often, this involves one-on-one meetings with dozens of wineries over the course of a few days.

Point being, there is no other wine marketing agency that has worked one-on-one with so many wineries for so many years.

Through the years, and through the clients, we have solidified wine marketing strategies that grow DTC sales, increase wine club memberships, and get more winery visitors. Of course, there’s no “one size fits all” strategy, but, after years of experience, we know how to drill down to quickly find the strategy that will work for your winery.

A. Generally, when a winery comes to us for “wine marketing strategy and execution”, they are looking for one of four things:

  1. An overall wine marketing strategy and plan, that, once developed, our team can help execute.
  2. An overall wine marketing strategy and plan, that, once developed, your team executes. We follow up with progress reporting.
  3. Campaign management, or help with the launch of something specific, like a new brand, tasting room, or wine.
  4. General wine marketing consulting, which we consider to be a quick, less committed version of wine marketing strategy (eg. “Are we doing this right?”, “What are we missing?”, “What wine ecommerce system would work best for us?”). Please go here for some of our wine marketing consulting packages.

No matter what your needs, we are excited to work together.

A. Results vary by winery, as goals vary by winery.  That said, we have been able to identify strong growth opportunities with every winery with which we have worked.  Our successes include wineries that have, for the first time, sold out of their wines months before the next vintage is released, and wineries where we helped grow their clubs so dramatically they were able to cap them to create a sense of exclusivity. 

The chart we have shared here is a good example of growth many have seen while working with us. You’ll see it increases YOY, in both web sales and club sales, then a dramatic increase in 2020. Twenty-twenty was, of course, when the pandemic hit and digital became a winery’s lifeline. Those who were prepared fared much better than those who weren’t. And those who were our clients have continued to see strong growth in 2021, and continued growth in 2022.

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients are prepared for whatever comes next. And, we believe, this is done by helping wineries create a strategic and robust DTC sales channels that takes advantage of everything digital has to offer.

A. We often work with wineries that already have a marketing team in place. In fact, we often work with wineries that have a digital marketing team in place.

This is simply because the best teams know they can rely on us to stay up to date with the latest in wine and digital marketing.

Typically, we start this kind of relationship with a digital marketing audit. Their team usually executes the tasks on the audit, then we follow up with monthly (or bi-monthly) meetings to help keep everyone stay on track, we talk about upcoming projects for the winery (and strategies behind launching them), and we relay the trends we are watching play out in wine marketing land.

A. Absolutely. However, we would recommend keeping us on in a consulting/advisory role to ensure your team is executing the tasks as we envisioned and is staying up to date with any new digital trends that we would want your winery to take advantage of.

Whether you’re launching a new campaign, a new wine, a new wine club,  or a new wine property, let our team make sure your launch is as successful as it possibly can be.

Our digital launch plans are built on years of experience successfully launching wine-specific products and events online. They include strategies that will get your launch in front of your audience (active and even those who are no longer engaged) AND an entirely new audience. They tell you when to post on social, when to send emails, what your budget should be for ads, how to reach people not online, and so much more.

You’re done so much work getting your product ready. Let us help you show it off to the world.

Ooooo. Good answers!

A Few Examples of LMO Strategy

Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association

Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association

LMO was hired in 2020 by the DHWA to increase awareness of the Dundee Hills AVA via social media and the website. We were also hired to help sell the Dundee Hills Vintage Collection, the primary funding source for marketing the Dundee Hills.

Despite the massive hit most AVA websites took in 2020 we were able to grow the DHWA’s traffic by nearly 20%, primarily due to the creation of the Dundee Hills Marketplace, a place for wineries to put their special offers.

We also grew Instagram followers by 300%, and engagement by 100%.

Finally, we shared marketing tactics that helped the DHWA sell out their Vintage Collection for the first time. They were also able to do so in 2021 and 2022.

Brooks Winery

Brooks Winery

Our team began working with Brooks Winery in 2014, right as Brooks was about to open their new tasting room. Brooks wanted to make sure they could leverage all of the good press coming their way into significant sales and wine club growth.  We helped them accomplish both.

By 2019, we helped Brooks grow their club so dramatically, they had to cap it. What’s more, we had created for Brooks a very large customer base that was extremely comfortable ordering online – which proved invaluable in 2020.

Oh, but our favorite achievement? Initiating and marketing their award-winning Eclipse Event in 2017 – including securing Portland’s favorite astrophysicist, Ethan Saunders.

Yao Family Wines

Yao Family Wines

In 2020 Yao Family Wines was forced to close its tasting room in St. Helena, CA. They approached us to provide them with a “digital first” strategy. In doing so, we moved them to Shopify + Bloom, we completely restructured their wine club, we amplified their email strategy, and we focused on exclusivity.

Yao currently enjoys more wine club members than it has had in its entire history and sells the overwhelming majority of its wine online.

Long Shadows #1 Tasting Room

Long Shadows #1 Tasting Room

We were hired in 2022 for digital marketing support at Long Shadows Vintners in Walla Walla. One of their goals was to obtain the #1 spot on the USA Today Readers Poll for Best Tasting Room in the US. They had come close for the past 5 years, but the title kept eluding them.

In 2022, we are proud to say, our team helped Long Shadows secure the title by setting up a strategic plan that consisted of email, social media, and low-cost social ads.



In 2021 we helped launch Amaterra Winery, a private membership-based winery, vineyard, and club located in the West Hills of Portland. We began with an awareness campaign for wine lovers in the Portland-area, established a communication strategy for their unique club structure, and set up email protocols  (automations, segments, customer journeys, etc) and templates. We also assisted in the set up and team trainings on their selected eCommerce system, Vin65, and made sure their website was ready for launch.

From the moment they opened their doors, Amaterra has had incredible success and has become the local “members-only wine bar” for Portland’s West Hills – and beyond.

Willamette Valley Wineries Association

Willamette Valley Wineries Association

We were honored to serve as a marketing partner of the Willamette Valley Wineries Association from 2008-2020. Below are some of our tasks and initiatives.

  • Wine Star Region of the Year Promotion
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Management
  • Digital Ad Management
  • Pinot in the City Digital Promotions 
  • Created and Managed WVWA Microsites (WVHarvest, WVCellarSeason, etc)
  • Created WVWA Offers
Tasting Kits

Tasting Kits

When tasting rooms shut down in 2020, we had to quickly pivot for our clients, who needed to get wine into the hands of customers. We had them create tasting kits. We created the marketing strategy that 1) got people to order the kits (for themselves, for friends, for corporate gifts), 2) offered interactive tasting experiences online, and 3) encouraged follow up purchases from recipients of the tasting kits.

One client admitted they found more new customers with this program than they had with their tasting room open.

Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association
Brooks Winery
Yao Family Wines
Long Shadows #1 Tasting Room
Willamette Valley Wineries Association
Tasting Kits

10 Reasons Why Your Winery Needs LMO Wine Marketing and Consulting Services

  1. You want to grow your DTC sales significantly.
  2. You want your wine brand to stand out amongst its peers.
  3. You don’t have a marketing calendar that goes out 6-12 months.
  4. You don’t have someone to organize and/or execute the tasks on that calendar.
  5. You have a campaign you want executed digitally, and want to make sure you’re not missing any important steps.
  6. You don’t understand how other wineries are finding so much success selling their wines.
  7. Someone doing another job at your winery (tasting room staff, winemaker) is also in charge of marketing.
  8. You want to be on top of the latest wine marketing trends.
  9. You’re ready to overhaul your winery’s website and digital properties to better represent your brand.
  10. You want people to notice how well your brand is marketed.
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Wine Marketing Consulting

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Get your winery on the path to increased DTC sales with a plan you can follow and a powerful digital ecosystem to back it up.

“Working with Jeremy and the Lunabean team has been a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience, right from the start. They are more than service providers. They are collaborators and valued members of the Yao Family Wines team. Jeremy has gone above and beyond the call of duty time and time again, and helped our brand navigate through the ever changing world of wine marketing. We’re thrilled to call them our partners.”

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