Wine Marketing Consulting

Wine Marketing Consulting

You have questions, we have answers. Save time and money by letting our digital wine marketing experts guide your projects.

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A Quick Note Regarding Wine Marketing Strategy Services

Below you’ll find our consulting  services, which tend to be project-based.  For ongoing, or full-spectrum digital marketing guidance, please visit our Wine Marketing Strategy Services.

Wine Marketing Strategy

Wine Marketing Consulting Services

When your winery is looking for guidance on a specific digital marketing initiative a consult with our digital marketing leaders will transform your winery’s DTC game.

Winery eCommerce Consulting

Deciding on a winery eCommerce system is a big decision that will affect your business for years to come.  At LMO we work with all of the wine eCommerce systems on a near-daily basis – and we have been successfully matching up wineries with these systems for years.  We will cut through the sales pitches and demo promises, and let you know how each eCommerce system actually performs in the real world. We will listen to your winery’s specific needs and tell you which system we think would work best for you, which add-ons you need (if any) – and which add-ons you don’t (you may be surprised).

Let our 20+ years of online wine sales experience save your winery hours of time and potentially thousands of dollars.

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Winery Email Strategy Consulting

When you have an audience that’s waiting to hear from you, a smartly executed (and properly segmented) email strategy can move more wine than any other online marketing initiative. Better yet, it can keep your wine club members connected to your winery in a way that will help you keep your club sales high and your attrition rates low.

Our team has been email marketing for wineries for more than 20 years. In that time, we have distributed millions of e-mails for wineries of all sizes – including eight of Constellation’s wine brands. What’s more, we are also the only wine marketing agency that has achieved Mailchimp Pro Partner status.

If you are looking to improve your winery’s email marketing game, this consult will absolutely get you there.

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Digital Launch Consulting

You have a lot going on when you’re launching something new into the world. Let us make sure all of your digital i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Whether you’re launching a new wine club, a new wine label, or a new winery, we are here to guide you through all of the digital logistics of your launch and set you up with a plan. Want us to execute the plan? We’d love to, but that’s certainly not a requirement of our consulting.

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Wine Club Consulting

Whether you’re launching your first wine club, or trying a new subscription club, we are here to guide you through the process. We will tell you what kinds of wine clubs see the most success, let you know how to set them up online (specific to your winery’s eCommerce system), how to nurture your wine club relationship using your store, emails, and (sometimes SMS), and what kind of benefits keep wine club members around the longest.

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Build Your Own Consulting

Above are the most common consulting requests we get, but we are happy to create a consulting package specific to your winery’s needs.

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About Your Consultants

Wine Marketing Consultants

Jeremy and Allison Schubert have been marketing wine online since 1998, when they graduated college and Allison’s father put them in charge of online marketing operations for his Oregon winery. When that winery sold, in 2005, Allison and Jeremy launched LMO Wine Marketing, so they could help local wineries find the same kind of success they had achieved for Allison’s family’s winery.

After 20+ years of wine marketing, Allison and Jeremy have sold millions of dollars of wine online for clients around the world. This is why some of the world’s largest, most well-known wine brands, along with some of the smallest, cult-driven brands, consult with Allison and Jeremy on their digital marketing initiatives and strategies.

No other team has the experience, nor the breadth of knowledge, that Allison and Jeremy have in the realm of digital marketing for wineries. Which means there’s no better team to consult your winery when it comes to increasing your DTC sales online.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Get your winery on the path to increased DTC sales with a plan you can follow and a powerful digital ecosystem to back it up.

“Working with Jeremy and the Lunabean team has been a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience, right from the start. They are more than service providers. They are collaborators and valued members of the Yao Family Wines team. Jeremy has gone above and beyond the call of duty time and time again, and helped our brand navigate through the ever changing world of wine marketing. We’re thrilled to call them our partners.”

Bill Sanders

Yao Family Wines

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