One ThingWe just ran an e-mail campaign for a winery client that brought in more than $15,000 in one week….so we thought we’d share with you how we did it.

We work on retainer for the client, so we’re actively looking for ways to organize and maximize their online efforts. So, when Google alerted us to the fact that the winery received a great write-up from Portland Monthly, we went with it. And all it took was two e-mails.

The first e-mail included the review, an offer (“Celebrate this great review with us with FREE Shipping on a case of this wine”) and a call to action (“Buy Now”).

The second e-mail simply served as a reminder that the free shipping offer was coming to an end.

Twenty-two cases of $700+ wine later, the winery is thrilled. And so are we.

And the secret to the success of both e-mails? They were about ONE THING: The wine that got the great review.

Sure, the e-mail was mobile-friendly, it was timely (the review was new), it linked directly to the product, and the winery has a great e-mail list…all important.

HOWEVER, had this review and offer been buried in a newsletter full of 4 other items, it would have been about 1/4 as successful (if that).

People are busy. They glance at e-mails. If what you’re telling them isn’t clear, easy, and obvious, they’ll miss it.

If you write them an e-mail about ONE THING, and you tell them to CLICK HERE TO GET THAT ONE THING, you’ve made it easy for them. And the easier you make it, the more likely they are to buy.

It’s that easy.

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