If you follow any news coming out of the social media world, you’ve probably heard that Facebook launched a “Call Now” button this week. And, while it’s a pretty slick little button for many businesses it’s not incredibly exciting news for wineries (at least, not in its current form). The reason it’s not incredibly exciting news is because it can only be utilized as part of Facebook’s recently launched “Local Awareness” ad campaigns – which means it’s only active for people in your local area. Kind of a bummer, right? A “Call Now” button that could be used to promote upcoming events or promotions to audiences beyond the immediate area could be extremely useful. Alas, it’s not happening (yet).

However, did you catch the whole “Local Awareness” ad campaign thing? In case you missed it, let me repeat: There are now Facebook ads that can be served only to people in your immediate area, who are using any device.

Considering the fact that many wine country visitors are actively engaged on Facebook while they are out wine tasting (snapping photos, sharing photos, checking into wineries, updating statuses, seeing what their friends are doing, etc.), this is pretty powerful stuff.

For example, this weekend is the Willamette Valley’s Memorial Day Weekend Open House. All WVWA wineries open their doors for the masses. There will be thousands of people in the Willamette Valley tasting wine and spending money. Your winery’s goal should be to get them to spend money in your tasting room. Of course, the first step is getting them through your door.

Here is how you would set up a “Local Awareness” ad that will hit people in your local area.

    1. Go here.
    2. Select “Reach People Near Your Business.”
    3. Select your desired Map Radius. I selected a three mile radius for Vista Hills Vineyard and Winery, which perfectly surrounds people tasting in the Dundee Hills. (Note, I set the age to 28+, as age is one of the few variables you can edit with these ads).
    4. Set your budget ($25/day is fine), and the time you want it to run.
    5. Choose your graphic.
    6. Write your copy. Hit them with an ad that speaks directly to them (i.e. mention where they are), then lead them to your tasting room with a little carrot.
    7. Finally, don’t forget that “Get Directions” button, which will lead them directly to your tasting room.

Pretty fantastic, right?

What makes these ads even more fantastic? They are the easiest ads to set up (as you can see from above), AND the most affordable. Win, win.

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