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20+ years of email marketing for wineries with clients ranging from Constellation Brands to brands producing fewer than 1000 cases of wine annually.

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LMO Winery Email Marketing Services

  • Winery Email Marketing Audit – We will look “under the hood” at your current email strategies and identify ways improve your email sales (and unearth new marketing opportunities).
  • Email Marketing Retainer – We create, send, segment, and analyze your winery’s emails for you. Includes automations, monthly email planning with your team, and LMO Dashboard access.
  • Email Template Creation – We create templates for your winery emails. Standard templates include consumer, club, newsletter, and sales.
  • Automation and/or Customer Journey Set-Up – We map out the customer journey for your team, and set up appropriate automations based on selected triggers.
  • Landing Page Creation – We create web pages tailored to whatever your email is promoting.
  • Email Graphic Design – Do your emails need that professional designer touch? Our graphic designers are ready to make your emails shine.
  • Email Calendar – Your team can handle the emails, but you want an email plan? Done.
Mailchimp Pro Partner

We are proud to be the only wine marketing agency that has achieved Mailchimp Pro Partner status. Mailchimp Pro Partners have to have over 20 active clients on Mailchimp AND go through an extensive certification process, which includes deep dives into automations, customer journeys, segmentation, integrations, APIs, and, of course, good old fashioned best practices.

Of course, expertise on one email platform generally means expertise across most email platforms. So, if you’re using a different email platform (we loooove Klaviyo right now), know that we will bring our skills to that one, as well.

Recent Works

Winery Emails our team has produced for various clients.

We don’t just send wine e-mails, we study wine e-mails…

When you have an audience that’s waiting to hear from you, a smartly executed (and properly segmented) email campaign, can move more wine than any other online marketing initiative. Better yet, it can keep your wine club members connected to your winery in a way that will help you keep your club sales high and your attrition rates low.

Our team has been email marketing for wineries for more than 20 years. In that time, we have distributed millions of e-mails for wineries of all sizes – including eight of Constellation’s wine brands. While each winery has unique needs, we’ve discovered there are some universal truths in all winery email marketing success.  It is our goal, with every single winery client, to bring our years of experience to the table, unearth untapped opportunities in email lists, and send the kind of emails that make winery clients step back and say, “Woah, we didn’t know we could sell that much wine with e-mail.”

We’d love for your winery to be next.

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10 Reasons Why Your Winery Needs LMO Email Services

  1. You don’t have an email strategy.
  2. You are selling a high end wine, but your emails look amateur.
  3. Your version of segmenting is sending to club and non-club buyers.
  4. You aren’t segmenting and sending emails based on buyer type (frequent, infrequent, hasn’t purchased in a year, etc.) and, sometimes, wine type.
  5. You have no automations set up.
  6. You aren’t emailing wine buyers within days of their purchase (when they are most excited to hear from you).
  7. You are only sending sales emails.
  8. You are only sending loooooong emails.
  9. You don’t know how to get more people to open your emails.
  10. You aren’t surprising yourself by how much wine your emails are selling every time you send them.
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Email Marketing for Wineries Service Options

Winery Email Marketing Retainer

Our team will create, segment, automate, and analyze your winery’s emails for you. Includes monthly email planning with your team.

Winery Email Marketing Audit

We will assess your current systems, emails, and lists, and provide you with a plan that will increase your sales.

email marketing for wineries

Email Design Services

Want your emails to have that professional touch? Our team of graphic designers will make your emails (and your templates) stand out above the rest.

You Have Killer Emails, Now What?

A smart email marketing program is an essential part of any winery’s digital marketing strategy – but it shouldn’t be the entire strategy. Here are some of our ongoing services that will help drive people to your website so you can sell more wine.

Digital Advertising

Ongoing Marketing Strategy & Consultation

Social Media Marketing

Let’s Make Things Happen

Get serious about your winery’s digital game.  Let us show you the way.

I cannot say enough good things about this team. Everything they do, they do well. They are professional, thoughtful and thorough. Their breadth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing is stunning. 

In short Lunabean has become an indispensable part of my team. I’d encourage anyone who wants a dependable team that brings results to work with them.

Maria Stuart

R. Stuart Winery – Partner, Marketing & Hospitality

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