Are other wineries ranking higher than you?
It’s time to fight back.

Affordable and effective SEO and PPC to get your winery found.

Search Engine Optimization for the Wine Industry (SEO)

Being at the top of search results means more foot traffic, more DTC sales, and more sleep at night.

But getting there can be hard. Good SEO takes time and a talented team that understands both the wine industry and the inner workings of search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Adwords for the Wine Industry

Did you know that there are a TON of opportunities to stand out to wine-loving web searchers? Very few wineries are spending time and money on PPC and Google Adwords, and of those, very few are doing it right. If you’d like to be among those dominating wine keywords, let us know.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword Optimization

Our team researches keywords that are relevant to your winery PLUS keywords that you competitors are using. We also analyze your website and make changes as necessary for things like site speed, caching, meta tags, SSL certificates (secure sites), and on page elements.

Get Local

Did you know that the majority of searches for your winery come from within 100 miles of your winery’s location? What’s your local search strategy to get those interested into your tasting room or to make an appointment to visit you.

Updates and Reports

Our team delivers monthly SEO reports and checks in frequently to share opportunities, feedback, and successes.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Digital Ads

What are your Goals?

We determine whether you want increased foot traffic, more online sales, tour reservations, or to promote your latest brilliant campaign.

 Opportunities and ROI

With goals determined, we analyze keywords and opportunities across a number of platforms to determine the right mix and maximize your ROI.

Ongoing Tweaking

As the PPC campaigns roll out, we monitor and adjust as needed, reporting back with suggestions and analysis.

Our Winery Web Marketing Services

Winery Web Design and Wine Marketing

Winery Website Design

Great wine marketing starts with a smart winery website, so we specialize in winery web design and winery ecommerce (DTC) integration.

Winery Websites

Your Winery's Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audits

With your winery’s digital marketing audit, our marketing team will analyze your winery’s online DTC sales efforts, then provide you with a plan of attack to increase your sales.

Get Your Winery Audit

Winery Digital Marketing Retainer

Marketing Retainer

Think of our team as your winery’s “in-house” digital marketers, or the people who will simply take care of your winery’s digital marketing needs so you don’t have to.

Marketing Retainer

Winery SEO and PPC Services

Winery SEO & PPC Services

Stop letting other wineries beat your Google Search Rankings. Let us help you improve your SEO score so more people can discover your winery.

Take it a step further with our Google and Facebook PPC Campaigns.

SEO For Wineries

Social Media for Wineries

Winery Social Media

Build your wine brand online with effective social media marketing. Our experienced team can train you and your staff, or we can simply take over your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for you.

Get Social

Email Marketing for Wineries

Winery E-Mail Marketing

Online wine sales are most often made through smart e-mail marketing.

We will segment, set up autoresponders, create templates (no matter your mail system), and/or write every email your winery sends.

Email Marketing

Wine Marketing Webinars

Lunabean Media Online

We are currently revamping our online wine marketing services for our subscribers and retainer clients.

Expect new courses and webinars in coming weeks.

Coming Soon…

Wine Marketing Workshops and Training

Workshops & Seminars

Jeremy Schubert, Co-Founder of Lunabean Media, offers wine marketing workshops, seminars, and training to select wine associations and marketing groups in need of better wine marketing.

Coming Soon…

Wine Marketing Ideas

Lunabean Labs

Check out our latest side projects and winery solutions.

Have an idea for a winery solution? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Enter the Lab