Your Winery’s Most Important Online Sales Tool

Email is the single most important digital marketing tactic for wineries. Are you doing it right?

According to WineDirect, email marketing for wineries results in a 2.75% conversion rate – meaning for every 1,000 people you email 27.5 of them will make a purchase. Add smart segmentation and automation to those wine marketing emails, and conversion rates easily triple and often quadruple.  Compare those numbers to search, which only enjoy a 0.8% conversion rate.

The fact is, when you have an audience that’s waiting to hear from you, a smartly executed (and properly segmented) email campaign, can move more product than any other online marketing initiative. Better yet, it can keep your wine club members focused on your brand, not on that of your competition.

Lunabean Media has been at the forefront of winery email marketing for nearly 20 years. If you are looking to step up your winery’s email marketing sales, we are here to help.


Your Email Marketing for Wineries Service Options

Email marketing for wineries

Winery Email Marketing Audit

We will assess your current systems and provide a plan that will increase your sales. The plan will involve many of our other email marketing services, but you are welcome to execute the plan on your own.

Winery email list building

Winery Email List Building

We will assess your current list building efforts and provide you with a plan for increasing your email subscriber base both online and in your tasting room.

Segmented email marketing for wineries

Segmented Winery Emails

The power of email marketing is in segmentation. We will segment your audience based on the campaign we are executing and send them emails that speak directly to them, thus increasing your email sales.

Automated emails

Automated Winery Emails

We will set up and analyze automated emails. These can be event triggered, purchased triggered, or part of an automated “get to know” or “get to purchase” series.

professionally designed email for wineries

Professional Design

Our clients are often selling a product that costs more than $60/bottle. When you are marketing to that kind of high end audience, your emails should look professional. We design templates for all platforms.

Expert Copywriting

We will use all of our wine marketing tips and tricks to entice your customers to purchase your wines. Better yet, we’ll get them to add on to their orders.

All Email Systems

Whether you are delivering your email via your winery’s ecommerce platform, or a via a professional email platform, we’ve worked with them all. In fact, we even created a integration so wineries using WineDirect (Vin65) can send their email via MailChimp. Point is, no matter your system, we know it.

Full Picture Strategy

Your winey emails don’t exist on their own. They connect to other pieces of the sales funnel. We will make sure everything is in working order before we hit that “send” button.