Welcome to Lunabean Labs

A place where we explore our creative side to develop digital solutions for wineries.

Below you’ll find Lunabean Labs – our playground to explore our creative side and develop solutions for the wine industry’s digital problems. Some Labs graduate and go to bigger places (Lunabean Media Projects), others simply retire.  Below are the ones that we are actively trying out.

Ideas for Lunabean Labs often come from our clients, or digital marketers working in the wine industry who are looking for a solution to a problem.

If you have an idea for a winery-specific digital solution, we’d love to hear about it.

Current Lunabean Labs

MailChimp for WineDirect (Vin 65)

Finally, wineries can send their WineDirect (previously Vin65) E-Mails Via MailChimp. This API integration allows wineries to automatically connect their WineDirect data (wine club type, purchase history, lifetime value, etc.) to MailChimp, thus allowing wineries to use MailChimp’s robust segmentation abilities to send powerful (and pretty) sales and wine marketing e-mails.

Check it out here: MailChimp for WineDirect (Vin65)

Premier Wine Events

Our clients weren’t satisfied with the syndication calendars being offered, so we created one that gave them what they wanted (a pretty calendar that actually syndicates to important wine-specific websites).  Better yet, we began building an e-mail list and now e-mail Oregon’s Premier Wine Events to 5000+ Oregon Wine lovers.

Check it out here: Premier Wine Events

Lunabean Media Online

We are bringing back an oldie, but a goodie.  Lunabean Media Online – Wine Marketing Webinars, Online Courses, and Training.  Launching in June.  Details coming soon.