Facebook Makes Another Big Change (and Why You Shouldn’t Care)


Remember, just a year ago, when you were supposed to post photos to get the best organic reach on Facebook? Well, surprise, those days are gone.

According to Socialbakers (courtesy of Marketing Land), photo posts now drive the LOWEST organic reach, below text-only and link posts, and well below Facebook’s new darling — videos.

Generally, we are seeing this trend being reflected on the accounts of our clients. Videos are getting crazy views, whereas photos have to be pretty darn impressive to gain some traction.

And, of course, Facebook weighs the video heavily now because they are trying to get into the video game. And they pulled back on photos because word got out that photos were the best way to reach people, so page admins started using photos as link bait, thus ruining the fun for the rest of us.

Want to know more about Facebook Video? Check out our Webinar here:
Lunabean Wine Webinar: Facebook 2015 – 2 Changes You Need to Know

So, what’s a legitimate page admin to do? More videos? Sure. Facebook doesn’t care if your video was produced for thousands of dollars, or by your smartyphone, so throw Facebook a bone and post an occasional video. But don’t get worked up over it — because, soon, the link baiters of the world will ruin videos, too. Which is why you go with the Lunabean Media solution for all things interwebs.

The Lunabean Media solution for all things interwebs

Are you ready for it? It’s not much of a secret. In fact, Matthew Broderick figured it out back in 1983: “The only winning move is not to play”.


We learned this one in the early 00s, when everyone was trying to get higher Google rankings with the latest SEO tips and tricks. Invisible text, keyword overload, link naming, inbound linking, etc. Some tricks legitimately helped. Some would get you punished by Google. So, we just stopped playing, and we simply made sure that our website did what we said it did. We offered video game strategy guides.

Suddenly, our Google rankings jumped. Our guides were above those of IGN and Gamespot (huge corporate sites for those who aren’t familiar with the gaming world).

We found great success with this method, and it continues to be our strategy for all things social media.

Stop sweating it, and post what is easy and makes you happy. If you like taking photos, then take photos. Don’t let some silly stat about organic reach, something that didn’t even exist three years ago, tell you how to communicate with your customers. Don’t get worked up over your ratio of promotional posts to non-promotional posts. Be smart, but don’t get caught up in the game of getting more views, because you will, ultimately, lose.

Go about your businesses sharing what you love about your winery. Then, when you want to post something you REALLY want your fans to see – a promotion, an event, a sale, an announcement – spend $20 bucks and advertise (not boost) the post.

Have a problem with Facebook ads? Get over it. They work. They are effective. They save you time and energy of trying to game the system. And, think about it, if you could spend just $20 to advertise your promotion in print, you’d do it. Facebook is arguably more effective.

So, there you have it. Know the trends, but don’t obsess over them. Use Facebook’s affordable and effective advertising to get the word out about your promotions, and you’ll be happier and more successful than anyone who is trying to game this ever changing system that is Facebook.

Now, how about a nice game of chess?

How we moved $15,000 of wine in one week

One ThingWe just ran an e-mail campaign for a winery client that brought in more than $15,000 in one week….so we thought we’d share with you how we did it.

We work on retainer for the client, so we’re actively looking for ways to organize and maximize their online efforts. So, when Google alerted us to the fact that the winery received a great write-up from Portland Monthly, we went with it. And all it took was two e-mails.

The first e-mail included the review, an offer (“Celebrate this great review with us with FREE Shipping on a case of this wine”) and a call to action (“Buy Now”).

The second e-mail simply served as a reminder that the free shipping offer was coming to an end.

Twenty-two cases of $700+ wine later, the winery is thrilled. And so are we.

And the secret to the success of both e-mails? They were about ONE THING: The wine that got the great review.

Sure, the e-mail was mobile-friendly, it was timely (the review was new), it linked directly to the product, and the winery has a great e-mail list…all important.

HOWEVER, had this review and offer been buried in a newsletter full of 4 other items, it would have been about 1/4 as successful (if that).

People are busy. They glance at e-mails. If what you’re telling them isn’t clear, easy, and obvious, they’ll miss it.

If you write them an e-mail about ONE THING, and you tell them to CLICK HERE TO GET THAT ONE THING, you’ve made it easy for them. And the easier you make it, the more likely they are to buy.

It’s that easy.

Webinar Alert! E-Mail: Your Business’s BEST Social Media Sales Tool

E-mail drives more sales than any other social media platform. IF you know what you’re doing.

“E-Mail: Your Business’s BEST Social Media Sales Tool”

Thursday, March 21, 3pm PDT

Grab yourself a late afternoon snack (or beverage), along with your favorite webinar watching device (computer, iPad, iPhone), and join Jeremy Schubert of Lunabean Media as he shares the best e-mail marketing tips and tricks, each designed to boost your online and in-store sales. Today. Well…Thursday.

Oh, and we love Facebook and Twitter, too, but e-mail is where the most sales are made.

In this webinar, expect to discover:

  • 5 Simple Strategies Behind Writing E-Mails that SELL
  • Why e-mail marketing is such a powerful sales tool
  • How Often Should You Send E-Mails
  • The e-mail marketing tools you should be using
  • Easy ways to build your list
  • Live Q & A

This Webinar is FREE to a limited number of people. If you cannot attend the event at the scheduled time, we will be recording the event and will share it with those who sign up.

About Lunabean Media

Portland, Ore. based Lunabean Media was founded in 2009 by Allison and Jeremy Schubert, after nine years of hands-on web marketing and social media experience at Lunabean.com (a video game strategy guide publishing company), and a handful of outside projects.

At Lunabean Media, Allison and Jeremy have shared their unique level of experience with companies and organizations that include Nike, Li-Ning, the Willamette Valley Wineries Association, the International Pinot Noir Celebration, and dozens of small businesses across the United States. More information about Lunabean Media can be found at: http://www.lunabeanmedia.com.

E-Mail: Your Business’s BEST Social Media Tool (Webinar Alert!)

We consistently bring in tens of thousands of dollars for our clients via e-mail newsletters. Would you like to discover how?

We’re pleased to announce our next LMO webinar, “E-Mail: Your Business’s BEST Social Media Sales Tool” ( which, of course, is FREE to all LMO members).

This webinar will be held on Friday, March 1st at 10am PST. Those who attend live will get to take part in the live Q & A. Those who sign up will get access to the webinar a few days after the event. This webinar will also go in the LMO webinar archives for members to access at any time.

We decided to go with e-mail marketing as one of our first webinars for two reasons:

First, e-mail really is your business’s best social media tool, as a solid e-mail marketing strategy effectively AND efficiently leads to more direct sales than any other social media tool available.

Second, when we consult with businesses, one of the first things we do is provide them with an e-mail marketing plan and schedule, because, quite simply, so many are doing it wrong.

In this webinar, expect to discover:

  • Why e-mail marketing is such a powerful sales tool
  • How often you should contact people on your e-mail list to make the most sales
  • What content you should be sending out (and what you should be avoiding)
  • The ideal length of each message you send out
  • The ideal length of each subject line you send out
  • Why losing a few subscribers can be a good thing
  • The e-mail marketing tools you should be using
  • Why segmenting your list is important
  • Why mobile is a must
  • Easy ways to build your list

This will be a 60 minute webinar, and will include time for Q & A. Those who sign up will get access to the webinar a few days after, even if they cannot attend the live event.

The cost of the webinar is $49 (we’ll have it up on Eventbrite shortly). Of course, Lunabean Media Online members get it for FREE and get continued access to it in our archives.

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