E-mail drives more sales than any other social media platform. IF you know what you’re doing.

“E-Mail: Your Business’s BEST Social Media Sales Tool”

Thursday, March 21, 3pm PDT

Grab yourself a late afternoon snack (or beverage), along with your favorite webinar watching device (computer, iPad, iPhone), and join Jeremy Schubert of Lunabean Media as he shares the best e-mail marketing tips and tricks, each designed to boost your online and in-store sales. Today. Well…Thursday.

Oh, and we love Facebook and Twitter, too, but e-mail is where the most sales are made.

In this webinar, expect to discover:

  • 5 Simple Strategies Behind Writing E-Mails that SELL
  • Why e-mail marketing is such a powerful sales tool
  • How Often Should You Send E-Mails
  • The e-mail marketing tools you should be using
  • Easy ways to build your list
  • Live Q & A

This Webinar is FREE to a limited number of people. If you cannot attend the event at the scheduled time, we will be recording the event and will share it with those who sign up.

About Lunabean Media

Portland, Ore. based Lunabean Media was founded in 2009 by Allison and Jeremy Schubert, after nine years of hands-on web marketing and social media experience at Lunabean.com (a video game strategy guide publishing company), and a handful of outside projects.

At Lunabean Media, Allison and Jeremy have shared their unique level of experience with companies and organizations that include Nike, Li-Ning, the Willamette Valley Wineries Association, the International Pinot Noir Celebration, and dozens of small businesses across the United States. More information about Lunabean Media can be found at: http://lunabeanmedia.com.

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