We consistently bring in tens of thousands of dollars for our clients via e-mail newsletters. Would you like to discover how?

We’re pleased to announce our next LMO webinar, “E-Mail: Your Business’s BEST Social Media Sales Tool” ( which, of course, is FREE to all LMO members).

This webinar will be held on Friday, March 1st at 10am PST. Those who attend live will get to take part in the live Q & A. Those who sign up will get access to the webinar a few days after the event. This webinar will also go in the LMO webinar archives for members to access at any time.

We decided to go with e-mail marketing as one of our first webinars for two reasons:

First, e-mail really is your business’s best social media tool, as a solid e-mail marketing strategy effectively AND efficiently leads to more direct sales than any other social media tool available.

Second, when we consult with businesses, one of the first things we do is provide them with an e-mail marketing plan and schedule, because, quite simply, so many are doing it wrong.

In this webinar, expect to discover:

  • Why e-mail marketing is such a powerful sales tool
  • How often you should contact people on your e-mail list to make the most sales
  • What content you should be sending out (and what you should be avoiding)
  • The ideal length of each message you send out
  • The ideal length of each subject line you send out
  • Why losing a few subscribers can be a good thing
  • The e-mail marketing tools you should be using
  • Why segmenting your list is important
  • Why mobile is a must
  • Easy ways to build your list

This will be a 60 minute webinar, and will include time for Q & A. Those who sign up will get access to the webinar a few days after, even if they cannot attend the live event.

The cost of the webinar is $49 (we’ll have it up on Eventbrite shortly). Of course, Lunabean Media Online members get it for FREE and get continued access to it in our archives.

Interested in being a LMO member for as little as $8.25/month? Read more here: Lunabean Media Online – Smart and Easy Web Marketing

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