Getting your emails into your customers’ inbox has never been more critical. That’s why we’re excited to share how you can improve email deliverability and enhance security. By adding DMARC domain authentication, you will instantly increase the likelihood that your emails hit inboxes during the busy holiday season.

To get started, you will need to reach out to us at with  three pieces of information:


1. Confirm there is an existing SPF record on your DNS server.

Email services that receive email will usually check for this record and your DNS administrator can confirm if it is already available. You can use a site like this to look up the SPF record.  To confirm if this record is already present, look for the ‘include:’ section ensure is included.


2. Provide the email address of a member on your team or an IT vendor who can edit your DNS records.

An automatic email will be sent from our email vendor SendGrid to the provided address, including the updated records and instructions.


3. The domain of your ‘send from’ email address.

For example, if you send system emails from, your domain is

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