The LMO Wine Tasting Kit Program

While many wineries fared well in 2020, we are seeing those that implemented the LMO Wine Tasting Kit Program have continued to grow online sales into 2021 – whereas many wineries are seeing a post-2020 online sales dip.

This is because our program specifically focused on finding new buyers for our clients – as that’s where they were facing the most longterm damage from having their tasting rooms shut down in 2020. It worked.

Not only did the kits get great media exposure, but, because we encouraged (and made easy) gifting kits to friends, family, co-workers, and employees, we were able to expose the brands (and the wine) to 100s of new potential customers.

Each kit had a smart digital component built into it, complete with virtual tastings (both live for large groups and recorded for at home) and post-sales automations, allowing us to convert many of those newly exposed buyers and giftees into new online wine buyers and club members.

The Result

All of these new buyers have allowed wineries to continue to grow online sales in 2021, with one client saying they got more new buyers in 2020 than they would had the tasting room been open.

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