Social Media Services for Wineries

Your winery’s customers are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Are you there with them?

Outside of your winery’s tasting room, there is no better place to connect with your customers (and your potential customers) than on social media.

This is simply because Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are where the people are.  If you are not there with them, representing your brand in the way you want it to be represented, you’re missing out valuable marketing touchpoints and branding opportunities.

Whether your winery is in need of a social media audit, social media training, or complete management, Lunabean Media has the social media for wineries solution for you.

Social Media for Wineries Options

Social Media for Wineries – Training

We offer many social media training options specific to wineries and winery associations. We do in-person staff trainings locally (Willamette Valley), large group trainings (see Workshops & Seminars), online trainings, and, of course, offer our online courses and wine marketing webinars via Lunabean Media Online.

Staff Training: $500 for 2 hours

Workshops & Seminars: Starting at $2000

Lunabean Media Online: $99/month

Social Media for Wineries – Audit

With a Lunabean Social Media Audit, we will analyze your winery’s current social media efforts and provide you with a content calendar and plan for social media success.

Price: $500

Social Media for Wineries – Complete Management

Would you prefer our team simply takes over your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts?  We would be honored.

Full social media management includes monthly meetings (online or in person) which incorporate general online marketing strategy, and generally include 3-5 posts per week per platform (more for larger wineries or wine associations).

Current clients include Willamette Valley Wineries Association, the Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association, and numerous wineries (which prefer you to think they are the ones posting).

Price starts at $500/month