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Sometimes we make websites for clients who are not in the wine industry. :)


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We love Shopify. We were so happy to build a winery website using it.

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Established in 1998

Lunabean Media began building winery websites in 1998. It all began when Allison Schubert's father asked if Allison could bring her online marketing expertise to the family’s winery.

Allison brought in her partner at, Jeremy Schubert, and, together, they built a beautiful website and online store for Panther Creek. They also added the Willamette Valley’s first “Crush Cam” and message boards that allowed the winemaker to communicate with the winery’s biggest fans.

This idea that a winery website was something more than just pretty pictures - it was something that actually captured and retained customers - got the attention of several wineries and organizations, including the International Pinot Noir Celebration. Soon, Allison and Jeremy were building websites and digital marketing campaigns for these wineries and organizations, under the name Lunabean Media.

Over the years, the Lunabean Media team has grown, and we have worked with wineries of all sizes, selling millions of dollars worth of product (including 10+ years worth of IPNC tickets).

Well versed in the advantages (and disadvantages) of all wine eCommerce solutions and POS integrations, Lunabean Media will listen to your winery’s specific wants and needs, and will work with you to provide the solution that best fits your winery.

Lunabean Media websites continue to be built with more than just design in mind. Lunabean Media websites are smart. They are a combination of website design and winery marketing that comes with knowing both industries inside and out.

As a winery, you will have to tell us your story and talk to us about what makes you special. But you won’t have to waste one second of your time teaching us the industry. Our years of winery-specific expertise saves you time and money, and guarantees your winery's website and digital marketing campaigns will be done right.