Hello Wine Friends!

We’ve been a little quiet recently because we are launching some fun and exciting things on Lunabean Media in the next month – but with some pretty big changes happening on Instagram this past week, wanted to make a quick blog post to tell you some ways your winery can start taking advantage of these changes immediately.

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When you’re done following us (we’ll wait), read about the changes below – where we will be referencing this screenshot from the @dundeehills Instagram account.

🎥 REELS (YELLOW) – Instagram is going all in on Reels (Instagram’s version of TikTok), and has placed the Reels icon front and center. If Reels feel outside of your comfort zone, don’t worry about it – it really just means you’re over 30 🙋‍♀️ (aren’t we all?). BUT, it’s important to get to know Reels, because they can be seriously fun, and a GREAT way to connect with younger wine buyers and the wine curious. Start looking at Reels, and start playing with them. When you’re (somewhat) confident, launch a few, and find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting REEL (that one was for my fellow GenXers😜 ).

🔑 KEYWORDS (BLUE)- Have you noticed hashtags have been taken down for the past month? It should only be temporary (preventing election fraud misinformation) BUT, it was the perfect time to launch Keywords. For the first time, Instagram has some search engine features – which gives your winery a great new opportunity to be found. While we don’t have the complete details on Instagram’s new SEO algorithm, we do know it’s looking for keywords in your account name, your handle, and your bio – but it seems to be weighing most heavily your caption AND the quality of your images (time to upgrade your photography game). Think about how you want people to find you (say, “oregon wine”), and make sure you’re using these terms throughout.

🛍️ SHOP (PINK)- So frustrating for wineries, because you can’t add wine to your shops – and Instagram is going all in on them – featuring them on profiles and on the IG homepage. Grr. Don’t fear. All is not lost. We suggest wineries still add products that aren’t wine to their shops (blankets, glassware, logo wear, gift cards, etc). Why? Because shops link to your store – which is full of your wine. Sneaky, sneaky.

GUIDES (GREEN)- Guides are new for most of us – although a select few have had access to them for a few months. Guides are a new feature on a profile’s homepage where people can share, well, guides. These guides are built off of products, posts, and places. Product guides are, again, a bummer for wineries, because we can’t fully take advantage of them, as they are based off of shops. Post guides, however, are pretty cool. They’re kind of easy to manage photo albums. If you post about high scores or awards, create a guide of just posts about your high scoring wines. Create a guide of harvests. Create a guide of winemaker posts. There is a ton of opportunity here. Finally, places guides. This is where I see wine bloggers, travel writers, influencers, etc, creating guides that include YOU. If they make a guide of favorite wineries, you want to be in it, right? Make sure you can location tag your business AND make sure you’re tagging your business with the posts you make. Anything to make it easier to be put in a guide, right? I am looking forward to creating guides for our AVA clients, and I’ve already created two for us – recent projects and recent clients. I’m liking them a lot.

Finally, TWITTER. Twitter launched Fleets this week, which is really just Instagram Stories for Twitter. I have to admit, I like them, but worry it’s one more thing for wineries to update. Eek. Twitter is the platform of wine bloggers – so, maybe, give them a try. And let us know if you have any questions!

– Allison
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