Harvest is here (for most), which means exciting things are happening around the winery at all times – making this the PERFECT time to play with Instagram’s newest feature, Instagram Stories. 

What are Instagram Stories?


Instagram Stories are Instagram’s answer to Snapchat (don’t worry, you don’t have to get Snapchat to get Instagram Stories). You can spot Instagram Stories at the top of your Instagram feed – which is one reason why they are pretty powerful.  Tap one and you’ll see a single photo, video, or many photos pieced together to tell a quick “story”. 

Like Snapchat, each Instagram Story disappears within 24 hours (although you can save and repost it to your regular Instagram feed if you like it).  Unlike Snapchat, your winery is actually allowed to use Instagram Stories (Snapchat’s userbase is too young, according to the Wine Institute’s Digital Marketing Guidelines).

Why are Instagram Stories good for wineries? 

img_32261. As mentioned above, Instagram Stories sit atop your followers’ Instagram feeds.  Currently there is no algorithm that makes it so your Instagram Stories may or may not be seen by your users.  Your logo will sit at the top of their feeds until your 24 hours is up.  So, at the very least, they provide free advertising and branding.

2. Instagram Stories are an easy way to communicate a message. Like Snapchat, you can add text on top of your Instagram Stories to tell users what to do, or promote an event. “Wine Sale Happening, Visit Our Website”. “Winemaker Live on Facebook at 3pm Today”. “Get this recipe on our website. Link in bio”. Again. Free advertising.

3.  Stories aren’t expected to look professional quality. In fact, Stories are, in many ways, opposite the Instagram feed we are used to seeing. This removal of the Instagram filters and curated photos makes your followers feel like they are getting a real glimpse into something secret. You are creating for them a better behind-the-scenes, this-is-what-it’s-really-like experience, which only serves to solidify your consumer relationships.

4.  In addition to your regular Instagram followers, foodies and wine bloggers love Instagram, and they are using Instagram Stories.  Putting yourself in front of this group is a good thing.

5.  Stories provide an easy way to show off many moments in a day without clogging up your followers’ Instagram feeds (if you’re posting more than 2 times a day, you are posting too much).

6.  No pressure.  Users can’t like your story.  They can only watch it.  This takes the pressure of so many who are overly concerned about “likes” and “engagement”.  

7.  Super quick and easy to make and publish.  That’s a good thing during harvest, right? Take a few 10 second videos throughout the day, then sit down for one minute to string them together at the end of the day. It really is that easy. Take videos of your harvest meal prep, complete with the end product (recipes are huge on Instagram Stories, btw). Just have fun with it. Don’t stress. You all get so stressed over social media. This one is just easy.

How do I make an Instagram Story? 

Easy (have I mentioned that, yet?)  Go here and follow the instructions.  It should take you a full 3 minutes to figure out.

Have fun.  We are following many of you on Instagram, and we hope to see you at the top of our Instagram feed. In the meantime, get inspired by following the Instagram accounts: