We are finally starting to see wineries use Instagram Stories – and we LOVE it. The creativity is coming out (we see you using it to promote events, announces sales, or simply enticing customers to come by ), and it is awesome. You all are doing great. BUT, you could be doing one thing better.

Very few of you are using Instagram Stories in a way that could actually attract new eyes. In other words, your Stories are only being seen by your current followers. How can others see them?
Just like your regular Instagram photos, you need to start hashtagging and adding locations to your Stories, because your Stories will appear when people search locations or hashtags – they’ll even appear in the Stories stream if people are near you (great to capture people out wine tasting), or follow specific hashtags.

If you are at your winery, and your winery is in, say, Dundee, Oregon, adding a location marker will show your Story to people who are both in Dundee, Oregon and who are searching for places in Dundee, Oregon (see image below). It’s such an easy thing to do, and will get so many more eyes on your Stories.

Need instructions on how to add these tags to your Stories? Check out this how to by Social Media Examiner.