A Facebook fan page, or simply, “Page,” is a must if you have a business or website. Facebook’s pages are publicly viewable and therefore searchable, so it’s a great way to both get your message out and get search engines to see something other than your own website.

Making a Facebook Page is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook account (if you don’t have an account, sign up for one).
2. After you are logged in, look to the lower left of your screen and you’ll see some icons. Locate the “Applications” icon and then look to its right. You’ll see an “F” icon. This is the icon for “Ads and Pages.” Click it.
3. This will launch the Ad Manager, but you needn’t worry about that now. Just look near the top of the page for the “Pages” link (it’s next to the “Ad Manager” link). Click on the “Pages” link.
4. Yay! You’ve made it this far. Look to the upper right of the page and you’ll see a “Create Page” button. You are so close.
5. Click the “Create Page” button and you’ll be shown the first page in a sort of wizard to get your page all set up. Just follow the steps to enter the relevant info about your business and then be sure to “Publish” your page (when you first create a page it is not publicly viewable…you’ll see a reminder in the upper right of your page if you have yet to publish).
6. That’s it. You now have a fan page.