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Wine Trade Locker

Wine Trade Locker

Easy for Sales Reps. Powerful for You.

★  Your Brand Assets Organized

With the launch of Trade Locker 2.0 we added filters that made finding brand assets even easier. No more hunting and pecking through websites to find what you need. Simply select year, varietal, or any other filter, and only matching tech sheets, labels, bottle shots, or shelf talkers will be displayed. So easy.

★  Be Notified

Whenever anyone downloads assets from your Trade Locker, you will be notified, allowing you to see who is downloading what. Some wineries use this information to monitor their own trade outreach efforts. Others use it to reach out and solidify their sales network.

★  Easily Send One or Many Assets

While your partners can easily retrieve assets from your Trade Locker anytime they want them, you can also use Trade Locker to send your assets. Send single files, pre-made bundles, or unique collections made on the fly. Recipients receive a single e-mail with the selected assets inside, bypassing any restrictions of large file sizes. Your distributors and reps can also use your Trade Locker to send to their personnel.

★  Create Sales Kits (Pre-Made Bundles)

Sales Kits are an easy way to get exactly what you want to long-time partners or new leads.

Get high scores from Wine Spectator? Let your distributors easily grab them with a Wine Spectator kit. Make it easy for bloggers to write about you with a Blogger Kit, full of photos and your one-sheet. Meet new trade contacts? Send them your Introduction Kit. Meeting a sales group? Create a kit just for them full of tech sheets just for the wines in their portfolio.

Like any other asset, these kits can be retrieved or sent from your Trade Locker.

★  Mobile Friendly

We designed Trade Locker to be easy to use, no matter the device (desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones).

This is particularly important for your reps and distributors, who heavily (and increasingly) depend on smartphones and iPads.

★  Be Part of the Network

Join a powerful network of wineries that are already on Trade Locker, giving your brand some serious exposure.

★  Built-In Statists

For those with self-hosted Trade Lockers, you can login to the back end to see what assets are being downloaded most often, and who is downloading them.

Better yet, export the e-mail list of those who have used Trade Locker, and use it to notify your wholesale network of new releases, new assets, new events, and new opportunities — keeping your brand at the top of their list.

★  Easy, Easy, Easy AND Affordable.

All you have to do is send us the assets, OR send us to your current asset page, and we take care of the rest — saving you and your team hours of work every year.  Easy, easy, easy.

Oh, and it’s super affordable, starting at just $29/month


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Wine Trade Locker example:
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