Top 5 winery website features for sales and marketing

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Top 5 winery website features for sales and marketing

An acquaintance of mine, a sales and marketing director for a local winery, recently disclosed to me that he isn’t familiar with his winery’s website. While I’m sure I went pale and my jaw momentarily dropped, I made a quick recovery, smiled, and asked why that was.  He said he was just too busy.  Then I asked if he thought he was missing out on sales and marketing opportunities by ignoring the website, his response was, “Probably.  I don’t know”.

The answer, of course, is yes, yes you are missing out on sales and marketing opportunities if you choose to ignore your company’s website.  You’re missing out big time.

It’s no longer enough to have claimed some turf out there in cyberspace.  That turf now has a purpose, and that purpose is to sell your product.  What’s more, as nearly two-thirds of adults in the US claim to be online daily, they have learned to associate the quality of a website with the quality of a business.  In other words, if you’re ignoring your company’s website, customers are ignoring your business.

With that being said, here is our list of five website features that every sales and marketing director of every winery should make sure are properly installed and used on their company websites. To see them in action, please feel free to look at our Sample Winery Website.

Sales and Marketing Website Tools

  1. Tasting Notes – Ask any waiter or wine shop employee and they will tell you the wine they move is the wine they know.

    Providing servers, sommeliers, distributors, wine shop employees, and even the general public (people like to know what they’re serving to their friends), with detailed tasting notes will move your wine. Make sure they are easily accessible on your website, and that they are printer-friendly (PDFs are best).

    Tell your distributors, favorite wine shops, and restaurants that your tasting notes are available on your website. Even better, include a note or card in every case that tells people to visit your site for detailed tasting notes.

  2. Calendar of Events – A calendar of events not only informs people of your winery’s happenings, but it helps sell the winery lifestyle.

    Include local and out of state events such as winery open houses, festivals, tastings, winemaker’s dinners, press spots, and even tasting room specials. Harvest is coming up. Include when you expect to be crushing what.

  3. FAQs – Come up with a list of your most frequently asked (and best) questions. Include questions you wish were asked, and make sure your answers are the ones you’ve provided on your best days.
  4. Distributor List – Due to strict shipping laws, many people can’t buy your wines directly from you, so they need an easy way to find out where they can buy your wines. Provide a state by state list of your distributors, along with their contact information (phone AND e-mail).
  5. Social Media Tools – Social media is, perhaps, the greatest thing to happen to winery marketing. It’s affordable, and, when done correctly, it’s incredibly effective.

    Social media is about building relationships with current and future customers. To ignore social media is to ignore your customers. But, like a website, it’s not enough to simply have these tools and accounts set up. You need to know how to use them appropriately, or they could actually damage your brand.

    If you want to know more about social media, please check out our Social Media FAQs.

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