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Lemelson Vineyards

Lemelson came to us after having shut down a website redesign a couple of months before. They needed a team that had experience building winery websites, knew wine eCommerce systems, and understood what they meant when they said they wanted a “winery website” that didn’t look like a “winery website”.

The resulting website (WordPress + Vin65) is one of our favorite websites to date.

Lemelson Vineyards

Visit Oregon Wine

Visit Oregon

The Oregon Wine Board wanted to build a website that would serve as a directory for every OWB winery (that’s 311, but who’s counting?). This directory would let wineries update their own information, and users sort through them using a number of variables.

We are thrilled to be launching this site to the public this November.

Visit Oregon Wine


Kelly’s Jelly


Sometimes we make non-wine related websites. This one is for our longtime friend Kelly, who makes THE BEST pepper jellies.

Because Kelly’s Jelly isn’t a winery, we got to play with an entirely new eCommerce system, WooCommerce. We tied the site to the Kelly’s Jelly Square account that she uses at farmers’ markets and trade shows – and we discovered this would be a great option for small wineries that aren’t looking for a huge eCommerce system with club management tools.

Kelly’s Jelly


Foris Wine


Foris, Oregon’s southernmost winery, hired us a a couple of years ago to help with their marketing efforts.

Our first year with Foris was dedicated to getting e-mail, digital, and online marketing in order. The second year was dedicated to getting their website in order.

Now, when Foris gets a great score, they have all the tools in place to promote, amplify, and grab orders (via Shopify) on a website more reflective of their brand.

Foris Wine

Van Duzer Vineyards


Van Duzer approached us wanting a redesign of their current website that would seamlessly integrate into their new Vin65 eCommerce system. They wanted a site that immediately gave the user a “sense of place” and was easy to update.

Van Duzer Vineyards


Eola-Amity VIP Experience

Five wineries in the Eola-Amity AVA got together and formed the Eola-Amity VIP Experience – an exclusive passport to the very best each winery has to offer (winemaker meet and greets, tours, tastings, decadent lunches, pairing, etc). We were the lucky team selected to build the website for this experience.

Since we weren’t required to build on a wine club management or POS system, we opted to build this site on Squarespace, and are quite pleased how it turned out. A simple, pretty, and budget-friendly option for wineries.


Oregon Wine Resource Studio

In 2015 the Oregon Wine Board contacted us, wanting to know if there was a way they could offer digital downloads designed to help promote Oregon wines, while capturing the information of those downloading. We said, yes…that’s exactly why we built Trade Locker for our winery clients.

The Oregon Wine Resource Studio was born a few month later.

Oregon Wine Resource Studio




We have been lucky enough to be part of the Brooks marketing team for a number of years. In 2016 we got the opportunity to rebuild their Vin65 website into something more powerful.

Interactive vineyard maps, a calendar that syndicates to Oregon’s most popular wine calendars, organized and trackable trade assets, beautiful and big sliders – we love Brooks.

Brooks Wine


Knudsen Vineyards


Knudsen Vineyards, established in 1971, started making its own wine in 2012. They needed a website that effectively told its story, was easy to update, and integrated with Vin65. Easy. We were able to build this on in just four weeks.

Knudsen Vineyards



Jewel Yoga


Another non-wine based website for our friends at Jewel Yoga.

When they renamed themselves (they were formerly the Julie Lawrence Yoga Studio), they needed a new website to reflect the changes. They also needed their site to be mobile friendly, easy to update, and integrated with Mindbody.

Jewel Yoga Portland


Some Less Recent Sites

Anne Amie Vineyards

Brickhouse Vineyard

Apolloni Vineyards

Love, Oregon