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Your Tasting Room App & Mobile Solution

On a mobile device? Check out Winderlea’s MTR here.


Put Your Wine in Your Customer’s Hand

Mobile Tasting Room -  Mobile Wine SiteAlmost everyone who walks into your tasting room does so with a mobile device in their hand.

They’re reading e-mail, updating social media sites, checking in on the latest scores, and receiving text messages from their friends.

Now, the very wines that are being tasted that very day in your tasting room will also appear on that super-computer in their hands…along with tasting notes, tech notes, the latest reviews, and perfect recipe pairings.

With Mobile Tasting Room™, we will put that tiny super-computer to work for your winery — and you will sell more wine because of it.



  • Share your most up-to-date tasting notes, reviews, photos, videos, recipes, and sales
  • Highlight specials and events
  • Show off your wine club — and let people sign up from their phone
  • Create tasting menus for your distributors to use and share on the road
  • Capture more e-mail addresses
  • Amplify your social media and get more interaction
  • Install your wines on your customers’ phones and tablets
  • Connect with customers in an entirely new way, making it more likely for them to buy in your tasting room, at wine shops, or in restaurtants
  • Boost SEO
  • Easy — we take care of updates and promote it for you (although you can do both, too)
  • Fast — Getting a MTR set up is not a big project. Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we will have your MTR set up and ready to go in two weeks.
  • Eco-Friendly — Save money on printed tasting sheets
  • Affordable — plans start as low as $49/month




Interactive Tasting Menu – Engage your customers immediately with your interactive tasting menu, full of updated tasting notes, photos, reviews and videos.

Interactive Tasting Menu



On The Road Sales Tool – Create buzz on the road by creating interactive menus for your special events, along with easy-to-access tasting notes for trade representatives and distributors.




Social Media Amplifier – MTR makes it easy for your customers to Check In to Facebook, share tasting notes and pics on Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for your e-mail newsletter — getting you more exposure, more buzz behind your brand AND boosting your SEO.

Social Media Amplifier



BONUS: TrueTour™ TECHNOLOGY Discount – Want to drop a visitor into the middle of a vineyard? Why not show off your tasting room at an event across the country? Visiting Media’s TrueTour™ Technology by Ben Powers is amazing. And, because it fits so well with MTR, we are able to offer our MTR clients the lowest (wholesale) prices on this unique sales tool. (Note, right now, this is for Oregon wineries only)


POP OUT TOUR | PROFILE PAGE | Produced by Visiting Media & Powers Studios



Easy, easy, easy – We know you’re busy. Which is why we made MTR not only low-cost, but easy. How easy? We take care of the updates for you. And set up is a breeze — not a project. Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we’ll get your MTR set up in 2 weeks. See? It doesn’t get much easier than that.


MTR integrates and/or connects to almost anything. Here are a few examples…

MTR Partners

Limited-Time Pricing

To celebrate the launch of Mobile Tasting Room, we are offering a limited-time pricing opportunity.

Get Mobile Tasting Room for your winery — Get found, generate buzz, boost SEO, sell on the road — for as little as $49/month.

Call or e-mail us today to get started. Or, contact us for a demo. Whatever you want. We’re easy.

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