Lunabean Bottle Project FAQs

A couple of weeks ago we announced our latest project, aptly named the “Lunabean Bottle Project“. It’s a simple idea, really.  You send us your labels, we, then, create digital bottle shots for you, using our stock of bottle images that we have been building for the past several months.

The reception has been outstanding – and we’ve received many orders.  Thank you.  That said, there have been many questions, many of which have been the same.  So, instead of answering these questions as they come, we thoughts we’d create a little FAQ page.  So, with no further ado, here you go:

★ Why do we need to take an iPhone photo?

In the launch announcement, we stated that all we needed was a label and an iPhone photo. The label was obvious. The iPhone photo, not so much.

We need the iPhone photo to get an idea of label placement and size. We need it to confirm bottle shape, and even bottle color. That’s it. We aren’t using the photo in our build of your bottle. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shot.

Also, if you already have images of bottles from previous vintages (say, in your online store), we can simply use those bottles for reference. No iPhone photo necessary.

★ What do I get with my order?

When your bottle shots are approved, we will put them all in a Dropbox folder for you, where you can access them at any time.

In that dropbox folder you will get three versions of each bottle shot.

  • A high resolution (300 dpi) layered TIFF file. The layers include a white background and shadow. This file can be used in many ways, both by your web designer and your printer.
  • A standard web resolution (72 dpi) JPG at 500px x 1000px, with a white background.
  • A standard web resolution (72 dpi) PNG at 500px x 1000px, with no background.

★ How does this work?

I hope I answered these questions above, but we are getting it a lot – so, just in case…

  • We send you a link to a Dropbox account. You upload your labels and iPhone photos (if necessary) to this Dropbox account.
  • We create a sample of each bottle/wine type, using the lighting option you selected (double lighting, single lighting, hard lighting, soft lighting) and get approval on those bottles from you.
  • Once approved, we build out the rest of the bottles.
  • Finished bottle shots are uploaded to Dropbox. Everyone is happy.

★ Can you make the bottle shots before the wine is even bottled?

Yes! That’s what makes this so fun. The second you have labels, we can make you bottle shots.

★ Cost?

We are currently running Introductory Pricing. Those who buy in now will enjoy this pricing for the next two years.

  • Each original bottle is $69.
  • Bottles that only need changes to that original bottle (say label, vintage, cap color, etc.) are $39.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on orders of 12 or more bottles.

There you have it. If you have any other questions, or would like to place your order, please contact us.


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