Lunabean Bottle Project (Digital Wine Bottle Shots)

Finally your fast, easy, and affordable wine bottle shot solution is here!

Lunabean Wine Bottle Shots

★ Fast

All orders are complete within one week of receiving the work order. (Can be faster for additional cost).

★ Easy

All we need are a couple of photos (iPhone photos will do) and your high-res labels. No bottles necessary! In fact, if you can simply answer some questions about your bottles, we can get bottle shots done before your bottles have even been labeled.

★ Affordable

Good wine bottle shots are SO EXPENSIVE! Not anymore. Because our process is digital, our bottle shots come in around half the price of traditional bottle shots.

★ Consistent

Get all of your bottle shots taken with the same lighting, from the same angle, with the same shadows. Your web designer will be thrilled!

★ Customizable

Prefer your bottle shots taken with side lighting? Want a softer light? (See the difference here). No problem!

★ High Resolution

Your bottle shots can be used in print, on your website, in e-mail newsletters, on trade materials, on social media, and in your online store.

★ Interested? Contact Us.